Media is only for Social – Media is only for Business. “Your Personal Brand is What Others Say About You When You Leave The Room.” – Jeff Bezos. This quote by the founder and CEO of holds real truth for your brand too when you look at the popularity of social media channels. It is said and quite rightly so that it is no longer a choice whether you want your brand to be a part of social media or not, it is about how you do it well, and how well!!
Any brand promotion is incomplete without social media marketing and, we, at Bloggers Boat are equipped with social media experts and analysts who can give the right edge to your marketing campaign. Social media is the 21st century new media and you are missing out a lot if your business has not yet made its social presence felt online. It is not bragging about your brand, but creating ‘user engagement’ that will offer value to them. With our social media management services, we can offer you 360 degree solutions, offering a social media boost and popularity of your business.

From page creation, profile-making, account set up to sharing of informative and engaging content, we take it in our stride to play the right marketing master-stroke on your behalf.In tune with your marketing objectives, we optimize your social media marketing campaign and also know how to fetch you higher ROI on the social media ad investment that you make. Generating leads and then sales and purchases are re-targeting for increased conversion form a part of our plan.
We help your brand to create a buzz, being talked about as we know that your customers are in social media and they are searching for a product or service. We reach out to them via discussions, deliberations helping to strike something that is going to go rife and create awareness and we have tasted success in this arena, time and again. It is worth paying heed to the 3R’s in social media management campaigns: Reviews, Ratings and Recommendations! We are prompt on receiving feedback and also work on the negatives spelt out by the customers. We run campaigns, contests with rewards, game shows, trade fairs and more so that people always get glued to and are offered something new, truly swearing by the word ‘engagement’! So spell out your needs, give your brand the social media boost and popularity that it deserves, we are a call away with our premium yet affordable services!